Best Garden Pruners UK

Best Hand Pruners Now Available in UK

It is satisfying to know that when a product has done exceptionally well in one marketplace that we are now able to make it available in more places around the world.  The Gardeners Friends garden pruners have made a big impact on the lives of thousands of gardeners in North America over the past couple years.

Paul Grimm, President and CEO of The Valspring Group Ltd. Made the following announcement today: “It is indeed delightful that we are able to launch our first gardening tool in the UK marketplace.  Our TGF pruning shears are being used all over The United States and Canada having been first launched in the US two years ago.  After my very personal struggle with both the effects of Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I am pleased that our company’s first and flagship product “TGF 3-Stage Ratchet Pruners” is providing relief to many thousands of users whose pruning tasks have been made immeasurably easier by this relatively new invention.” 

Grimm continue to say:  “After a brief test marketing period in the UK over the past three months it is very clear to us that the demand is strong in the UK for this tool and other like it as those who love to work in the garden become older and less comfortable using conventional pruning and gardening tools. We therefore have staged product in the Amazon UK Warehouse and or tools are now being shipped daily from this venue throughout the British Isles.”

These pruners feature a number of unique and beneficial qualities.  But first, here are a couple of recent comments from our clients in the US:

"This is the second pair of clippers I have purchased from you. This one is for a gift. They are the best I've used, and I give them a tough workout! We have a lot of over grown shrubs and trees that I've been clearing out and these clippers work perfectly! Thank you for a great product!" - MJ

And this testimonial!

“Hi Paul, This is the 4th pair of these clippers that I have purchased--my husband stole my first pair, so I ordered one for myself.  I then ordered a pair for a friend and this pair is for my future daughter-in-law.  These are the best clippers I have ever used--so comfortable to use and cut through most everything.   And so easy on the hands and wrist! Thanks." - BW

And one more!

“I received the pruners and used them last week for the first time. Many years ago, I purchased a ratcheting pruner and this was my favorite gardening tool for a long time.  When it began to show wear and tear, I started looking for a similar pruner.  As a result, I have purchased five items I thought could replace them, but was ultimately disappointed in each of them.  I was happy to see your product on Amazon (which is very similar) and even happier when I received it.  This is exactly what I have been looking for. Easy to use, sturdy, and sharp. I am considering purchasing this pruner for each of my daughters, too.  Looking forward to using it for a long time. Best wishes." - JA

These are real comments from real customers, so we believe this speaks volumes about this pruning tool.

These are some of the features that people love about TGF pruners:

  • A ratchet mechanism that employs leverage for ease of cutting.
  • Finger guard for easier holding
  • Looped handle to minimize dropping
  • Very sharp SK-5 Steel blade
  • Neoprene hand guard on top part of pruner handles. 
  • Coated channel for anvil
  • A removable oiler sponge
  • Easy lock for left or right handed people
  • Other great features. 

With the Christmas and Holiday Season fast approaching we are delighted that folks all over the United Kingdom can easily access our product though  We have chosen this method of fulfilment so that we can focus our attention on marketing and new product development.  Search for “The Gardeners Friends”.

Paul H Grimm, President
The Valspring Group Ltd.
PO Box 157, Berwick NS, Canada.